Frequently Asked Questions

Let us satisfy your curiosity.

Why Did You Do This?

It's interesting. It's fun. And it shows how the simplest techniques can give incredibly good results. The inner workings of search engines (and ranking based on the graph structure of the web) are sometimes viewed as mysterious, esoteric processes (in particular if you listen to SEO people). They are not. By providing a ranking that is entirely open (including all software used) we make it possible a deeper understanding of how this kind of ranking works.

What Did You Use to Build This Site?

This site is based on the Fuel UX extension of the Bootstrap front-end framework, plus a custom server based on Jetty 9.

Want to Know More?

If you still have unsatisfied questions or want to contribute your genius idea, you can either send a mail to Sebastiano (vigna (at) di (dot) unimi (dot) it) or Robert (robert (at) informatik (dot) uni (minus) mannheim (dot) de) or you can leave a post in the Google Group of Web Data Commons.